most common question

the most common question I get at markets is

“is this macrame?!” 

no. no it is not. these are hand woven wall hangings. the technique used is weaving. when weaving you pass yarn horizontally through a vertical warp. macrame is making knots with strings that hang vertically.

wall hanging;
decorative piece displayed on a vertical wall

the art of passing yarn through warped thread to produce a design, often used to hang on a wall


the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative articles

macrame - reformed fibers.jpg
photo from my favourite macrame artist- reformed fibers



Another pop-up market. This one is gonna be awesome. Sunday June 11th at the Commonwealth Club.


I’ll be show casing my latest piece pictured below, its part weaving, part macrame. gasp.

macrame fringe

POP UP April 29th

I’ll have a booth at the GRAND OPENING of Marquee on 16th just beside PETERS drive in.
I think its going to be amazing, hope to see you there.
Did you read the fine print? The first 200 people will receive a gift bag!
Marquee on 16th

custom orders

It helps to know these few details before placing an order.

1. size EXCLUDES the fringe and hanging string [width by height]
S [5″ by 6″]
M [11″ by 9″]
L [18″ by 14″]

2.colours – will provide picture of current yarn stash if possible

3.stitching styles -will provide a picture upon email request

4.cost is determined by size, yarn [average $15/skien], and time [$10/hour]

i will send you a sketch with yarn colours and style. you can then approve or suggest to change something. you will need to pay 50% of total estimated cost before i begin your project. you can pay the remainder upon completion. postage and shipping cost is extra. local pick ups are an option. projects can take 1-2 weeks for completion. let me know if you have any other questions by clicking the contact me link. look forward to working with you.

pop-up shop prep

-here is my TO DO list before I set up at Market Collective. let me know if you would add anything. thank you to those who shared your wisdom from previous such events.

[ ] social media – instagram/ facebook/ twitter/ etsy/ blog/ website
[ ] flyer/ posters around shops who might attract the same customers
[ ] leave cards on the c-train?
[ ] its okay to ask your friends to promote you, especially if their social media game is stronger than yours
[ ] attach a label to your finished product

[ ] table/booth/wall
[ ] add layers
[ ] detailed finishing
[ ] sturdy- won’t fall over
[ ] safe? are you going to be able to lift, carry it? are you going to give yourself a sliver?
[ ] easy set up and take down
[ ] transportable
[ ] large cloth to cover booth at end of day
[ ] large sign stating your company name
[ ] production process -can you bring your tools to show people what you do and how you do it. people enjoy being education about products they buy at a local market

[ ] bring your own trolley/wheels
[ ] bins/boxes/hangers
[ ] pack light enough to carry
[ ] its okay to ask people to help you

[ ] inventory list, i chose to write down times of sales too [pen, notebook, watch]
[ ] cell phone with charged battery/ charged power bar for cell phone – no electricity –
[ ] square credit card reader (free online, $10 at staples)
[ ] personalize receipt
[ ] bring cash for change, yes some people still use it
[ ] money box
[ ] paper bags [chose against stamping name on bag so it could be reused as a gift bag]
[ ] personally write “thank you” on business card and pre-bag the cards
[ ] business cards, lots of them! [should include business name, your name, contact information, social media, picture of product]

[ ] water bottle, with water in it
[ ] snacks, be cautious of allergies in a public space
[ ] chap stick
[ ] hand moisturizer
[ ] schedule family, friends, SO to come give you a break and or company
[ ] get a good night rest for the next day
[ ] bring work to work on [similar to product you are selling] for slow times

market collective

it’s official.

i will have a booth at market collective!
Market Collective
March 24-26th
Chinese Cultural Centre in Eau Claire

this is truly a dream come true. time to celebrate.

ps. i will be wearing a personal amplifier – doctors orders. [think britney spears head set]
please come say hello, can’t wait to meet some of my instagram friends in real life : )

market collective

yellow pages?

remember opening your front door to see a gigantic yellow book blocking your way to the outside world?

you may have used it to sit on. while watching the pavement ants crawl past your little toes.
you may have used it to stand on. to reach the shelf where your parents hid the tv remote.
you may have actually used the yellow pages to call a plumber. to fix the toilet. because your brother flushed down all your little polly pocket people.

earlier this week i was reminded about the yellow pages, kind of. i received an email from the lovely Rosalyn from Calgary Craft Alert. she’s done a wonderful job of adding links to her webpage of makers in YYC and where to get these goods from. there is a list of jewellers, paper + stationary people, and those that make ceramics. i’ve been added to the –MAKERS–FOR HOME– category. take a look here:

calgary craft alert