yellow pages?

remember opening your front door to see a gigantic yellow book blocking your way to the outside world?

you may have used it to sit on. while watching the pavement ants crawl past your little toes.
you may have used it to stand on. to reach the shelf where your parents hid the tv remote.
you may have actually used the yellow pages to call a plumber. to fix the toilet. because your brother flushed down all your little polly pocket people.

earlier this week i was reminded about the yellow pages, kind of. i received an email from the lovely Rosalyn from Calgary Craft Alert. she’s done a wonderful job of adding links to her webpage of makers in YYC and where to get these goods from. there is a list of jewellers, paper + stationary people, and those that make ceramics. i’ve been added to the –MAKERS–FOR HOME– category. take a look here:

calgary craft alert


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