pop-up shop prep

-here is my TO DO list before I set up at Market Collective. let me know if you would add anything. thank you to those who shared your wisdom from previous such events.

[ ] social media – instagram/ facebook/ twitter/ etsy/ blog/ website
[ ] flyer/ posters around shops who might attract the same customers
[ ] leave cards on the c-train?
[ ] its okay to ask your friends to promote you, especially if their social media game is stronger than yours
[ ] attach a label to your finished product

[ ] table/booth/wall
[ ] add layers
[ ] detailed finishing
[ ] sturdy- won’t fall over
[ ] safe? are you going to be able to lift, carry it? are you going to give yourself a sliver?
[ ] easy set up and take down
[ ] transportable
[ ] large cloth to cover booth at end of day
[ ] large sign stating your company name
[ ] production process -can you bring your tools to show people what you do and how you do it. people enjoy being education about products they buy at a local market

[ ] bring your own trolley/wheels
[ ] bins/boxes/hangers
[ ] pack light enough to carry
[ ] its okay to ask people to help you

[ ] inventory list, i chose to write down times of sales too [pen, notebook, watch]
[ ] cell phone with charged battery/ charged power bar for cell phone – no electricity –
[ ] square credit card reader (free online, $10 at staples)
[ ] personalize receipt
[ ] bring cash for change, yes some people still use it
[ ] money box
[ ] paper bags [chose against stamping name on bag so it could be reused as a gift bag]
[ ] personally write “thank you” on business card and pre-bag the cards
[ ] business cards, lots of them! [should include business name, your name, contact information, social media, picture of product]

[ ] water bottle, with water in it
[ ] snacks, be cautious of allergies in a public space
[ ] chap stick
[ ] hand moisturizer
[ ] schedule family, friends, SO to come give you a break and or company
[ ] get a good night rest for the next day
[ ] bring work to work on [similar to product you are selling] for slow times


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