What would you do if you lost your voice for a day?

What would you do if you lost your teaching voice for months?

I started inventing sign language, motioning I couldn’t speak to the people I would run into at shops or offices. Then I would pull out my notebook and write something, or use my phone to type a message with whom I wanted to communicate with. The person I was trying to communicate with would whisper to me, or use hand gestures [I would laugh on the instead and think, YOU are still able to speak]. That only lasted a week or two. Then I was forced to r e s t. At home. Alone. [well… with my dog]. I started dreaming of things I could do. A list of unfinished art projects, read the stalk of unread comics, watch a TV series start to finish. An idea flickered in my mind. I ignored it. After some time I found myself lingering on this question: “What do you LOVE to do?” The one time I completely lose track of time, and am not tempted to look at my cellular device, is when I am… WEAVING! So here I am, sharing my love with you.

Have an idea you want woven?
Email me [ wallhangsbykd@gmail.com ] for a custom piece. You can choose the colours, design, and size.